Sales Enablement for Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Sales Enablement for Life Sciences with eDetailing Software

Life Sciences marketers work to ignite conversations with complex audiences. They have one thing on their minds - to deliver personalized messages to customers at the right time using the right channel in order to increase revenue and reduce costs. They accomplish this by using digital sales aids.

Becoming Customer Centric

Customers in the Life Sciences are looking for highly personalized communications across all channels. The ability to target and segment dynamically according to specific audiences means using channels such as email, face-to-face interactions, Web portals and social media to trigger communications for immediate engagement with HCPs.


One-to-One Interactions

  • Build and execute targeted campaigns to start conversations and build relationships with HCPs.
  • Achieve one-to-one personalization by understanding the needs of your audience.
  • Increase engagement with targeted and integrated content.

Empower Sales for Effective Engagement

Give sales the right sales enablement tools to effectively engage and target audiences with relevant messages based on preferences and behaviors.



  • Develop authentic one-to-one communication and turn conversations into relationships.
  • Interact using personalized messages and communications.
  • Nurture HCPs, cultivate long-term relationships and increase revenue.


  • Automatically create and manage profiles for any individual that you have a one-on-one conversation with, visits your Web portal, opens up an email, or uses a social media channel to reach your brand.
  • Capture preferences for future communication according to customer behavior.
  • Deliver targeted campaigns based on profiles and common behaviors.

Closed Loop Marketing Solutions

Let your Marketing team impact Sales and vice versa. The process of closing the loop between the two departments means gathering information during a Sales Call, bringing back the data to Marketing, and enabling Sales to use more refined, targeted messages for the next face-to-face interaction.

Pharma CRM Software

Enable Sales with a CRM for customer profiling and data segmentation. Utilize a database of contacts to have a clear view of the customer journey at every touchpoint. Work with Marketing to grow opportunities, increase win rates and enable your Sales team with iPad presentations.


Analytics and Dashboards

  • Use reports and dashboards, Web analytics, campaign performance, email revenue calculations and a CLM platform to track progress and tweak campaigns.
  • Share valuable data on easy-to-use dashboards that assess the impact of your marketing campaigns.
  • Track how Sales Calls are driving sales engagement.

Sales Enablement Success Series

Chapter #1 of our Sales Enablement Success Series is available NOW!

Sales is not a fixed science. Developing a skill-set to keep up with today's empowered buyer is essential to a sales team's success.

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