Next Generation Sales Interactions

Improve Sales Team Effectiveness

Increase Customer Engagement

Full Reporting & Analytics

Integrates with Your Existing CRM

Reduce Content Development Costs

Improve Speed to Market

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Sales Enablement Software

Adaptive Sales Enablement Platform

Optimize your customer engagements across any device and every channel, align your sales and marketing teams, and dramatically increase your business results.

Sales Enablement Software
Sales Enablement

Burning question:

Should we build our Sales app in-house or should we buy it?

Enable The Rep of the Future with Adaptive Sales Enablement

All from one Platform

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  • Closed Loop Marketing

    Face-to-Face Mobile Meetings/eDetailing

    Engage your Customer

    Any Device or Operating System (OS)


    Fast & Easy Content Deployment


    Fully Customizable

  • Closed Loop

    Remote Customer Meetings

    Extend Your Audience

    Rep initiated remote meetings & detailing


    No software to install


    Any Device or OS

  • secure email follow-up image of mobile sales enablement quadrant

    Secure Email Follow-up

    Extend the Sales Meeting

    Deliver request content


    Personalization of Shared Content


    Full Content/Usage Analytics

  • instant web portals image of mobile sales enablement quadrant

    Instant Web Portals

    Personalize the Customer Experience

    Channel of engagement for “Hard to see/reach” customers


    Edit/Update/Expire Content


    Full Content/Usage Analytics

  • multi channel social broadcasting image of mobile sales enablement quadrant

    Multi-Channel Social Broadcasting

    Social Media is here to stay

    Deliver through your customer preferred channel from one platform


    Full content/Usage Analytics

  • predictive selling image of mobile sales enablement quadrant

    Predictive Selling

    Recommended Sales Enablement

    Content, Channel and Frequency


    Closed Loop Marketing


    Integrated Customer Intelligence

"We've doubled the amount of time we spend on calls with physicians"

Discover how SKURA can help your business:

Mobile Sales Enablement

Mobile First

Easy to Use

Integrated Information


Team Connected

Team Connected

Software For Sales Enablement

Live Dashboards

Secure & Scalable

"We have total insight on the impact of our marketing campaigns"

Marketing Impact

Our customers have a competitive advantage using adaptive sales enablement

Download our latest customer case study and see how SKURA's mobile sales enablement significantly increased sales & market share while saving the customer millions in administrative costs

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"The marketers were like kids in a candy shop once they realized how much information they could learn and how targeted their changes could be."

Adaptive Sales Enablement Resources

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Learn how to stay on the leading edge of sales performance

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40,000+ salespeople globally trust SKURA's adaptive sales enablement platform to improve their customer interactions. We align sales and marketing teams, and dramatically improve business results.


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